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Castrol Longtime PD2 High Pressure Grease (GR100-2PD)

Product Overview

Castrol PD-2 Longtime Grease Cartridge





Now sold as "Castrol Tribol GR 100-2PD" but rest assured that it is the same exact product as what was classically labeled "Castrol Longtime PD2".  The product is completely unchanged, but Castrol decided to change the name to "Standardize our product branding and classifications"

14 oz (400 gram) grease tube. Castrol Longtime PD2. Also sometimes branded as HP PD2 grease, this is the same product. Don't overpay! Consistency / LGI Grade: 2 Color: Brown Thickener Type: Lithium Specific Gratvity: 0.886 Worked Penetration, ASTM D 217,mm/10 (Pw60): 265-295 Prolonged worked penetration (Pw 100,000-Pw 60), mm/10: <17 Base oil Viscosity @ 40ºC / 104ºF: 94.9 Dropping Point, ºC/ºF: 180/356 Flow Pressure, DIN 51805,mbar (@-35ºC/-31ºF): <1580 Water Resistance, DIN51807, T.1 (@ 90°C/194°F): 1


  • High Pressure Grease
  • 14 Oz Tube
  • Long Term Lubrication
  • Designed for Bearings
  • PD2
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